Mobile veterinary clinic – house calls: veterinarian services in the comfort of your home

Mobile Veterinarian at your door step giving your beloved pet what it deserves; high quality veterinary care with minimum stress and maximum comfort.

Our veterinarians promise to serve your pet with the at most professional, loving service.

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Veterinarian house call for the fee of a vet clinic visit.

A veterinary house call is ideal for puppies and kittens that need to get vaccinated and should not come in contact with other pets until they complete their vaccinations. A veterinary house call is ideal for anxious pets and for owners who don’t want to go through the trouble of having to take their pet to the vet clinic.

Our mobile veterinary clinic comes to your home and saves you time and spares your pet unnecessary stress.

We all know how difficult it could be to get a cat into its carrier; a veterinarian house call will spare you all those scratches and will save your cat all that stress.

In addition to all of the above, a veterinarian house call will keep your pet safe from the possible exposure to infectious diseases that are found in a veterinary clinic.

Your time is precious, call and schedule a visit by a mobile veterinarian in Tel Aviv

Of course, there are some veterinary procedures that cannot be performed during a house call.

With that said, a mobile vet, house call allows prompt initial diagnosis and treatment. In such cases, that cannot be treated in the comfort of your own home, we'll be happy to refer you to a proper veterinary facility.

The mobile vet – house calls provides a discount to a multiple pet household.
Mobile vet – house calls operates in the area of Tel Aviv and its surrounding cities: Ramat GanGivataimPetach TikvaKiryat OnoBnei BrakRamat Hasharon, Herzelia and more.
When needed, the mobile veterinary clinic performs house calls even further away in Israe

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